Casual Cool

Casual Cool

Don't we all want to wear stylish and cool outfits all the time? Outfits that not only look great but are also comfortable and reflect our personality?

Is that too much to ask for?

Not with our two simple tips on how to spice up your look, keeping it edgy, in line with the latest styles, but still super comfortable.




The first step is to choose one piece of clothing that you love. One piece that you feel comfortable and confident in, for example, your favorite pair of jeans, ideally a pair that has some sort of unique detail that makes them just a touch different and inspiring.

This is your base. Your security.



A couple of examples include the Pistola Jeans in two styles, either with a detailed bunch that is stylish, refreshing und cool (138€)





or the Pistola jeans with ripped bootcut (118€)

After slipping into that favorite pair of pants, it's time to choose the perfect top. This pieces makes the whole look. Wear whatever reflects your style, for example, this season oversized blouses are the rage. But if you want to show off your figure, a tight tank top with a racerback or a solid-colored T-shirt are timeless classics.


Oversized blouse with puffy sleeves and elegant print

Pistola Blouse: 118€




Ecoalf T-shirt: 55€



Oversized-cut T-shirt with wide sleeves    

Toteme T-shirt: 120€      


In the next 'step', we move on to the most favorite article of clothing for many women: shoes!  And why are they our favorite? Because they can express our personality more than anything else. Shoes say everything about a person, whether they are sporty, chic, elegant, edgy, or classic. So choose wisely because your calling card is what is on your feet.

This season you can't go wrong with an elegant pair of sandals or a chunky sneaker.


Basic Sneaker with chunky sole

Axel Arigato Sneaker: 230€


White Sneaker with black details

Autry Sneaker: 140€



Dover sandals: 199€


Now for the finishing touch. Find a lightweight silky scarf and knot it around the strap of your handbag to create an eyecatcher that can't be missed. If you are wearing a solid colored top, then choose a patterned scarf. A printed blouse can be paired with a solid colored scarf of any shade from the print.


              Scarf: 149€


Now your outfit is complete: stylish, unique, and comfortably you!

So these are a couple tips and tricks of how to find a casual and cool outfit. If you try any of these tips, tag us! We'd love to see your individual look!

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Have fun shopping!!


Your Bella Donna Team